Health Care Aid - Trained & Certified health care workers, who provide excellent service with personal care.

Companionship - Providing fellowship and friendship for the client.

Personal Care - Hands-on services, assisting client in day-to-day activities that they wouldn't be able to perform alone.

Light Housekeeping - Cleaning the home, such as washing dishes, laundry, bathrooms, etc.

Dressing/Grooming - Fitting the client into clothes properly.

Healthy Meal Prep - Providing healthy meals for clients and ensuring they are well-fed.

Grocery Shopping - Our health care aids shop for client's food.

Errands - Running any errands that need to be taken care of for the client.

Medication Reminder - Reminding clients about their medications, assisting in labeling, timing, and dating, including phone reminders.

Bathing Assistance - Washing clients properly and making sure they are antiseptic.

Long/Short Term Care - Duration of care is based on the needs and desires of the client.

Social Events -Taking and accompanying clients to events.

Home Safety - Ensuring the client feels safe and comfortable at all times at home.

Doctor Visits - Scheduling and taking client to doctor visits.

Private Duty & More